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Risks of Insecure Mobile Devices – Part 2

This article (part 2) focuses on logical  risks and pitfalls of insecure mobile devices.


Malicious software is software like viruses, hidden spyware, phishing software, background software for monitoring or recording of user credentials, diallers to connect to premium calling services or software to send expensive premium SMS.

The measures to protect your device, your apps and data against malware for mobiles have to be the same as for personal computers or notebooks.

Untrusted Networks

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN or Wi-Fi) technology uses radio…

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Risks of Insecure Mobile Devices – Part 1

This articel (part 1) describes mainly physical risks and pitfalls of insecure mobile devices. An additional part 2 will focus on logical risks and pitfalls of mobile devices.

Physical Security of Mobile Devices

Accidental drops may happen or someone may spill a drink on it. The smartphone cover is made of glass, polycarbonate or aluminium. If the smartphone drops, the cover will crack or get scratched. Be aware, that the touch screen is very sensitive to pressure and pointed objects will scratch…

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