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WLAN – What Infrastructure Is Required?

WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks) use radio transmission techniques. This makes them more flexible than their wired equivalents. You will learn in this article how the technology evolved in the past and will develop in the future. Important necessary components and services are described.

WLAN – What is it?

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a radio transmission technology mainly for mobile in-house communication.

Historical Development

The predecessor of today’s wired Ethernet network was a radio transmission technique that used universities to exchange…

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What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’? NikolayF

What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’?

In general, Mobile Expense Management is one piece of a puzzle of a complex solution called Enterprise Mobility Management. These solutions additionally consist of elements to manage devices, apps, data, security, users and content. Telecom Expense Management solutions supplement Mobile Expense Management and may be integrated into the same system.


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Whose Job is Mobile Security?

This article discusses the responsibility for mobile security from an independent view.

Mobile users like you and me

We are responsible for our privately owned mobile devices. For corporate owned devices we still have some responsibility. We handle the device, use apps and corporate data at different locations. As a first step we have to take care of physical and logical security.

If your IT department offers some security guidelines read them carefully. Be aware of legal consequences for users ignoring their…

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