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What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’? NikolayF

What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’?

In general, Mobile Expense Management is one piece of a puzzle of a complex solution called Enterprise Mobility Management. These solutions additionally consist of elements to manage devices, apps, data, security, users and content. Telecom Expense Management solutions supplement Mobile Expense Management and may be integrated into the same system.


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Mobile Device Management Systems – Part 2

This article is part 2 of 2 and describes additional features of mobile device management solutions. The previous article covered the main objective of mobile device management systems and the typical building blocks. A few features were explained already.

Access to enterprise servers, applications, emails and data may be granted to authorized private devices (“Bring Your Own Device”, BYOD). Privately owned mobile devices may use certificate-based authentication.


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Mobile Device Management Systems – Part 1

This article (part 1 of 2) describes typical tasks of mobile device management system solutions you may look for.

Implementations of Mobile Device Management Systems

The solutions are provided as software systems running on corporate or provider specific server hardware, specialized appliances, virtualized services, may be offered as public cloud services of mobile operators or solution vendors or may be implemented as private cloud service.


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Protect Your Mobile Device – Part 4

This is the last article explaining logical measures every user may take to protect his mobile device.

Protect your Data

The best protection for your data in memory is not to store any of them in your mobile device.

The second choice is encryption. Encryption helps to protect your stored data. You may either encrypt all files in memory or only selected files. Your emails may be protected as well. Some operating systems have these functions already built-in. Depending on the operating…

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Protect Your Mobile Device – Part 3

This is the third of four articles explaining logical measures every user may take to protect his mobile device.

Trusted and Untrusted Apps

Apps installed on your mobile device make it a unique system tailored to your specific needs. Download apps from well-known app stores and install apps you may trust. Be careful when you are asked to set permissions of an app to be installed.

Your corporation may define black lists you should not use or white lists of apps you should…

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