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Seminar – Voice over IP Technology – Part II


Seminar – Voice over IP Technology – Part II

The fully independent seminar explains different special aspects of voice and video services in IP networks.

It mainly focuses on protocols and security topics.


Duration: 1 day

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • You want to know different protocols and standards for Voice over IP
  • You want to use calling numbers and ENUM service
  • You are aware of security aspects and need to know suitable solutions



Network knowledge, knowledge of VoIP, TCP/IP and switching & routing technologies.

CONTENT of the Seminar 

Protocols ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP

ITU-T H.323 (Concept, Components, Protocols )

SIP Concept and Components, SIP Protocols with Protocol Traces, Comparison H.323 versus SIP

SIP Security using Firewalls (Tasks of Firewalls, Problems with SIP, Problem Solutions (Application Layer Gateways, Virtual Private Networking Technology, STUN, TURN, ICE))

Calling Numbers in VoIP and ENUM

Domain Name System (DNS) – Calling Number Format in ISDN – Number Assignment – ENUM DNS

Security in Telephony Solutions and VoIP

Problem Areas (Physical / Logical Access, typical Attacks)

Safeguard (Detection and Monitoring of Security Vulnerabilities, PABX / VoIP Hardware / Software, System Security, Availability, Resilience, Signal Encryption, Bit Coding, Data Protection, User specific Security Functions, Administration Security, Network Access and secure Transmission, Server Features, Filters, Log Files and Audits, WAN Security, Spy Countermeasures)


Examples of SLIDES

Browse through a few slides of the courseware:


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