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Seminar – Voice over IP Technology – Part I


Seminar – Voice over IP Technology – Part I

The seminar explains the technology for voice and video services in IP networks from a fully independent view.

Focused on technological aspects, functions, standards, and components will be explained.

Independent strategies and selection criteria for solutions are part of the seminar.


Duration: 2 days

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • You are interested in the technology for multimedia communication
  • You need to know technica functions and prerequisits to implement the new technology
  • You need to know migration scenarious to protect your existing infrastructure



Knowledge of voice and data communication technology is required.

CONTENT of the Seminar 


Traditional Voice / Data Integration – Advantages / Disadvantages of VoIP – Problems / Open Questions

Multimedia Communication over IP (Application Scenarious)

Voice over IP (IP Phones, ISDN Integration / Migration, Web-based Telephony, Web-based Call Center, Collaboration Tools) – Fax over IP – Video over IP (Introduction, Functional Principle, Components, Communication Principles, Formats)

Networking Requirements

In-house Networks (Network Concepts, Cabling, Media Access Control, active Components) – Wide Area Networks (Requirements, Access, MPLS Backbones, Managed Network Services) – Traffic Policy – Load Balancing, Load Sharing

Quality of Service (QoS), Signalling

Overview of Standards – Coding (Voice Coding, Video Coding, Standards, Quality Criteria and Parameters, Bandwidth Demand) – Prioritization / Bandwidth Management – Comparison of H.323 and SIP – Tasks of ITU-T 120

VoIP Components and their Tasks

End Devices – Telephony Server / Gatekeeper – Multimedia Gateways – IP PBX – Hybrid Systems – Router / Switches – Additional Components

Life Cycles of VoIP Solutions

Planning, Evaluation – Configuration Management – Performance / Quality of Service Management (Traffic Policy, Traffic Analysis, Call Control, QoS Monitoring, Bandwidth Management, Test Systems for VoIP) – Accounting (Tasks) – Security

Solutions of different Vendors

International Vendors – Detected Problems – Vendor Links

VoIP Providers

Target Groups – Services – Project and technical Risks – Service Example: Server Hosting (Tasks, required Components, Difference between Provider and Enterprise Solutions, Tasks of typical Provider Components) – Overview of VoIP Service Providers for Business Customers and Public Authorities


Examples of SLIDES

Browse through a few slides of the courseware:


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