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Seminar – Switching & Routing – Part II

Seminar – Switching & Routing – Part II

This seminar covers fully independent special information about “Switching and Routing”. The seminar explains special functions, protocols and security aspects of core switches and routers in detail.

Duration: 2 days

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WHY you should attend

  • Because you plan to implement intelligent switches
  • Because you want to know new features and functions in switches and routers
  • Because you want to build a redundant and reliable network


Interworking knowledge as covered in seminar “Switching & Routing – Part I” is important.

CONTENT of the Seminar 


General – Typical Interworking Tasks


Introduction – Mechanics

Switch Functions (Power over Ethernet, Port-based Authentification, Priority Queueing, VLAN Trunking, Additional important Functions)

Tasks and Functions of Layer 3-7 Switches (NAT, Media Streaming, Routing, Health Checking, Load Balancing, Cache Switching, Cookie and SSL Switching, IDS Load Balancing)

Storage Area Network (SAN) Switches (Basic Concept, Advantages, Characteristics, Interswitch Links, Administration)

Multiprotocol Label Switching, MPLS (Goals, Basic Concept, Functions, Application, Components, SLA Parameters, Providers / Vendors (Examples))



Routing Methods (Source, Hop-by-Hop, Default, Static, Dynamic Routing) –

Routing Protocols (Basic Concept, Autonomous Systems, Interior and Exterior Routing Protocols,

RIP (Functional Principle, Characteristics, RIPv1/RIPv2), OSPF (General, Network Hierarchy, Shortest Path First Algorithm, additional Functions), BGPv4 (General, Routing Types, Functions, Message Types, Router Concept)) –

Bandwidth Management (General, Traffic Control, Priorization and Bandwidth Reservation) –

Tunneling (Definition, Protocols, Endpoints, Advantages, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, IPsec, SSL/TLS) –

Typical Router Functions


Additional SEMINARS

Switching & Routing – Part I

TCP/IP Protocols – Details


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