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Seminar – Mobile Enterprise Management


Seminar – Mobile Enterprise Management

Mobility of corporations and organizations as well as their employees becomes very important. Especially IT systems should support and improve mobile workplaces and business related activities.

The seminar covers the challenge to manage mobility solutions. The participants get informed about important tasks and technical functions of different solutions as well as of available products and their vendors from an independent view.


Duration: 1 day

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • You want to mobilize workplaces and business processes
  • You are interested in important management functions for modern mobility solutions
  • You require knowledge about benefits, pros and cons and technical solutions



Basic telecommunications knowledge is recommended.

CONTENT of the Seminar 

Mobile Enterprise

Definition of Terms – Mobility in Enterprises – Mobility in your IT – Mobile Devices – Mobile Apps – Business Apps – Mobile Software Solutions – Mobile Telephony Solutions – Virtualization – Cloud Services

Mobile Device Management

Definition of Terms – Characteristics – Various Implementions – Platforms – Components – Interfaces – Additional Technical Functions – Taks (Roll-Out, Operation, Decommission)

Mobile Application Management

Definition of Terms (Apps, App Management) – Advantages of App Management – Examples of Services – Examples of Technical Functions

Mobile Data Management

Definition of Terms – Provisions – Interface Blocking – Email Encryption – Desktop Virtualization – Voice Encryption

Virtualization of Mobile Devices

Definition of Terms – Trends in Virtualization – Fields of Application – Market Trends – Concepts of Desktop or Mobile Device Virtualization

Mobile Security Managment

Definition of Terms – Basic Security Protection (mobile phone, smartphone) – Examples of security functions

Mobile User Management

Definition of Terms – Functions – Authentification – Certificates – Smart Card Solutions – Biometry Systems – Biometry Solutions – Encryption

Mobile Content Management

Tasks – Problems – Complexity of Management Tasks – Concepts – Examples of important Functions



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