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Seminar – Mobile Device Integration


Seminar – Mobile Device Integration

Enterprises and organizations are challenged to grant access to company data and applications for employees with enterprise or privately owned mobile devices (keyword: “Bring Your Own Device”, BYOD).

The seminar covers the complex task to manage and integrate mobile devices running different operating systems. The benefits for the enterprises and organizations (by use of business apps) as well as the risks and possible threats are covered.

The questions, what building blocks are required and what vendors offer solutions, will be answered (with market overview, descriptions of features and functions and comprehensive link collections).


Duration: 1 day

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • You are planner and manager of mobile device integration solutions
  • You are interested in security threats for mobile devices and their integration into your environment
  • You require knowledge about benefits, pros and cons and technical solutions



Basic telecommunications knowledge is recommended.

CONTENT of the Seminar 


Definition of Terms – Is BYOD reasonable? – Platforms – Affected Areas – Pros and Cons – Implementation Strategies – Market Trends – Legal Aspects


The definition of mobile device integration guidelines will be explained based on international projects

Business Apps

Apps in General – Statistics – Examples of Business Apps

Mobile Security

Network Security – Affected Devices – Challenges – Protective Measures – Examples of Security Software for Mobile Devices

Virtualization of Mobile Devices

Definition of Terms – Trends in Virtualization – Fields of Application – Market Trends – Concepts of Desktop or Mobile Device Virtualization

Virtual Private Networks for Mobile Devices

General – Tunneling Protocols supported by Smartphones – VPN Components – VPN Solutions – VPN Client / Server Solutions – Examples of Vendors (link collection)

Mobile Device Management

Management Categories – Implementation Variants – Typical Tasks – Examples of Vendors



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