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Seminar – IP-based Video Surveillance


Seminar – IP-based Video Surveillance

You get totally independent information about the technology of networked, IP based video surveillance systems.

Video interfaces, coding technologies, required components, project planning issues and typical parameter settings will be explained.


Duration: 1 day

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WHY you should attend

  • You are interested in advantages network-based video surveillance systems
  • You need fully independent knowledge about components and vendors
  • You have to select interfaces and coding technologies



Networking and protocol knowledge is important.

CONTENT of the Seminar 


Corporate Security – Analog CCTV – IP-based Video Surveillance (IP-based Systems, Applications and Developments)


Analog Technology – Digital Technology (Video Camera, Encoder/Decoder, Floodlights / Illuminators, Video Intercom, Audio and / or Video Server, Video Managment Software, Digital Video Recorder, Alarm Control / Alarm Sensors, Surveillance Monitors, Videowalls, Multimedia Clients, Multimedia Network, Twisted Pair Cable, Coaxial Cable, Fibre Optic Cable) – Examples for Product Selection Criteria – Examples of Vendors

Video Coding

File Formats for dynamic Content (Vendor specific Video Formats, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Streaming Formats) – ITU-T Coding Standards (Overview, H.264, H.265) – Codec Implementations (examples)

Video Interfaces

Analog Video Signals (examples) – Digital Video Technology (USB, Firewire/IEEE 1394, DVI, HDMI,…)

Planning of a Video Surveillance Solution

Requirements – General and detailed Planning (simple checklists)

Project Examples

Example #1: Simple Requirements – Example #2: Complex Requirements

Configuration Examples

Adjustable Configuration Parameters of different Elements (Network Interface, Notifications, IP Camera, Video Recorder, Monitor


Examples of SLIDES

Browse through a few slides of the courseware:


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