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Seminar – Basics in Data Communications Technologies


Seminar – Basics in Data Communications Technologies

The seminar provides fully independent information about data communications technologies.

After attending the seminar you will be able to understand the different terms and technologies for data communication. You will also be able to plan your own communications solution basically.

Your understanding for specific solution requirements will be improved by project examples of realized projects.


Duration: 3 days

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • Because you need an overview about the technologies of data networks (local area, wide area)
  • Because you want to increase your competence in future-proof data communication
  • Because you want to realize future-proof networks and use them to your advantage
  • Because you want to use already gained experience of users and planners for your own advantage
  • Because you want to understand, how and why communications systems work



Good IT knowledge is required


CONTENT of the Seminar (Duration: 3 Days)


Direct Current – Alternate Current – Information Technology (Number Systems, Coding, Transmission) – Communications Technology (Interfaces and Protocols, Procedure of Data Transfer, Networks, Standardization Organizations) – ISO/OSI Model (General, Terms, Architecture, Layers and their Tasks, Examples of physical Interfaces) – Tasks of Protocols (Error Handling, Routing, Protocol Translation, Segmenting, Flow Control, Filtering, Prioritization, Bandwidth Reservation)

Local Area Networks

Introduction (Why LANs?, Applications, Characteristics)

Functions (Tasks of Hardware and Software, Addressing, Basic Functions)

Topologies (Star, Bus, Ring) – Transmission Media ( Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optic, Structured Cabling)

Protocols and Standards (Why Protocols? Media Access Control Procedures like Ethernet, Fast, Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless LANs, Token Ring, TCP/IP Protocols)

LAN Components (Passive Cabling Components, Network Interface Cards, Hub Systems, Repeaters, Bridges, Switches, Routers, Gateways, Access Points, Servers, Network Management Systems)

Wide Area Networks

General (Why Switching, Applications, Characteristics)

Switching Technologies (Circuit, Packet, Frame, Cell Switching)

Components (Media and Lines, central Network Elements, Modems, Multiplexers, Integrated Access Devices, Routers, VoIP, Security)

Services (ISDN, Mobile Phone Services, WLAN, Satellite, Leased Lines, xDSL-Modems, Powerline, Fiber Optic, Cable TV, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, 10GBE, Multiservice Access, VPN, Managed Private Network, Managed Security Services, Internet Services, Project Management)

Mobile Data Services (Overview of Cellular Networks, End Devices, Technologies, Reach, Data Transfer in GSM, UMTS General, UMTS Applications and Market Development)



Examples of SLIDES

Browse through a few slides of the courseware:


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Are you interested in seminar handouts? The courseware is available in 3 parts.



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