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Seminar – The new Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)


Seminar – The new Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

In this seminar you get fully independent information about the new Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) of the TCP/IP protocol architecture.

The seminar offers basics for decision makers why to switch to IPv6. It explains characteristics of the new concepts and protocols, advantages / disadvantages and gives an overview about many innovations.

How to switch to IPv6 and the implications to your network will be covered as well.


Duration: 1 day

Date: No dates yet specified. Send us your inquiry! 

WHY you should attend

  • You have to decide whether to switch to IPv6 or not
  • You need to know the advantages / disadvantages of IPv6 in comparison to IPv4 solutions
  • You need knowledge about protocol functions and the transition to IPv6



Networking and TCP/IP knowledge is essential.

CONTENT of the Seminar 


History – Availability of IPv4 addresses – Key Requirements – History and Future of IPv6 – Highlights of IPv6 – Advantages for Enterprises – Arguments against IPv6 – Recommendations – Challenges – Motivation for Transition to IPv6

The Internet Protocol IPv6

History – News in IPv6

Addressing in IPv4 – Addressing in IPv6 (Formats, Syntax, Prefix, Address Types, Unicast, Anycast, Multicast)

Header Format (Compared to IPv4, Fields, Options, Extensions) – Packet Size

Automatic Configuration (stateless, stateful with DHCPv6) – Security (IPSec) – Higher Protockols (ICMPv6, Path MTU Discovery, Neighbor Discovery, TCP, UDP, Routing Protocols, Application oriented Protocols) – Name Resolution (with DNS and DHCP)

Migration to IPv6

Explanation of different Migration Scenarious with their Impacts (Dual Stack Architecture, Tunneling, Protocol Gateway, Tunnelbroker, Mobile Networks)

Availability of IPv6

Research Projects – Research Networks – International (Top Level Domains, Backbone Networks) – Examples of Providers supporting IPv6 – Implementations (Operating Systems, Troubleshooting Tools, Network Management Systems)

Procedures to Implement IPv6

Who will be influenced? – Questions – Required Actions – Link Collection


Additional SEMINARS

Switching & Routing – Teil I

Switching & Routing – Teil II

TCP/IP Protocols – Details

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) – Details

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) – Security



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