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Our Seminar Philosophy

Our goal is to give you the independent knowledge you need to meet future requirements.

We do not teach operator commands but how to meet requirements, and the ability to think in context. (the How and Why).

Trends, market development and the knowledge about standards build important elements of our seminars.

We do not represent vendor strategies or force the use of specific products or services.

All seminars are aimed to provide specific knowledge in very short time. We ensure up to date information through comprehensive research.

The trainer uses self-developed, didactically designed presentations with pictures, charts, animations and slide transitions to grab the attention of the audience.

The seminar documents (handouts, courseware) in color print are written in English (or in German) language with many graphics, explanations and additional links to helpful information sources.

You gain from our longterm project experience and our customers who are in close contact with us.

We support you to make the best decisions for your projects.


Target Audience

Our seminars address you as a decision maker, leader of different divisions or specialist of different functions.

We offer seminars to corporate users, vendors, service providers, system suppliers, system integrators and their partners.

Advantages of business specific seminars:

  • Knowledge transfer based on requirements of target audience
  • Vendor independence
  • No useless burden
  • Experience of real life, best practice
  • Knowledge about technologies and standards last for a long time compared to product-specific know-how
  • Knowledge about context improves teamwork
  • No selling interest


Exclusive, Individual Seminars

To train employees of your company, your partners or customers you may wish to:

  • Select your seminars from our public seminar offerings
  • Select your individual seminar modules
  • Define new seminar topics
  • Individually designed to meet your specific requirements


Your advantages:

  • Individual selection of topics
  • Efficient trainings in exclusive environment
  • Individually defined dates, locations and time



The success of projects often depends on the depth of knowledge of all project partners. You understand your company´s goals and solutions. But what about your partners and prospective customers? Do they understand your ideas, your philosophy, your technology, the project specific requirements and the terms your trainers use during product-specific training?

Many seminar attendants told us, that if they would have attended our seminars prior to product specific training:

  • They would have understood much more
  • The solution-specific training would be more efficient and
  • The projects would be more successful.

Since 1988 we offer independent training about communication technologies, services, infrastructure, protocols and their application. Our partnerships with a number of national and international vendors, network operators, system integrators, and resellers as well as enterprises and organizations of different size are very successful.

The seminars we offer are vendor, solution and provider independent. However, depending on your needs we may adopt the content and the presentations to cover your specific topics, marketing messages, solutions and so on.

Example: we held a lot of seminars for international vendors during the transition from ISDN to Voice over IP for system integrators and resellers.

We offer individual classroom seminars adapted to your needs in English or in German.


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