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Book – Voice over IP – Chances, Changes, Challenges


Book – Voice over IP – Chances, Changes, Challenges

  • You are interested in the courseware of our 1-day seminar “Voice over IP – Chances, Changes, Challenges”?
  • You need to know the chances of innovative applications and
    challenges of Voice over IP solutions?
  • You want to prevent from possible problems and risks as a result of the new technology?
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VoIP Chances Changes Challenges

VoIP Chances Changes Challenges

WHY you should read the book:

The courseware is intended for you as a decision maker or sales expert and discusses the chances and challenges of voice integration into IP-based networks (“Voice over IP”, „Internet Telephony“) from a fully independent view.

The courseware in book format contains the MS Powerpoint slides in notes view and additional explanations.

Use the courseware for your self-paced learning or as handout for your presentations.



Basic Concept – Advantages / Disadvantages of VoIP – Comparison ISDN / VoIP – Arguments, Issues and Concerns

Voice over IP (End Devices, Gateways, Features, Messaging, Collaboration) – Fax over IP – Video over IP (Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance)

Return on Investment
Target Customers – Costs to consider – Potential Savings – Improved Productivity

Standards – Complexity of Solutions – Communication and Integration – Redundancy – Security – Services – Quality – Performance – Dependencies – Exceptions

Lessons Learned
List of Lessions learned from previous Voice over IP Projects.

Publication Date:
May 13, 2013

1484960998 / 978-1484960998

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Find a few slides of the book:



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