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Book – SIP – The Key to VoIP


SIP – The Key to VoIP

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SIP – The Key to VoIP

  • You are interested in courseware of our 2-day seminar “SIP – The Key to VoIP”?
  • You want to know the purpose and the concept of the “Session Initiation Protocol” (SIP)?
  • You need to know the protocol details like mechanisms, messages, SIP addressing, protocol scenarios, session description methods, security considerations and much more details?

The courseware covers the topics of our 2-day seminar “SIP – The Key to VoIP”.

WHY you should read the book:

The courseware is intended for all interested in details of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as it is used in Voice over IP or Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions.

Part 1/2 covers the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, ITU-T H.323 and some conceptional details of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Part 2/2 covers additional SIP details, the Session Description Protocol (SDP) and security issues.

The courseware in book format contains the MS Powerpoint slides in notes view and additional explanations.

Use the courseware for your self-paced learning or as a handout for your presentations.


TOPICS of Part 1/2:
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The OSI model and some TCP/IP protocols as far as it is required to understand the basic mechanisms used by the Session Initiation Protocol.

The ITU-T H.323 standard and other signalling concepts for VoIP solutions.

The details of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): what it is, history, concept, important characteristics, components and their task, examples of enterprise solutions, redundancy and reliability, test of SIP implementations and trends.

Publication Date:
April 02, 2013

1483979172 / 978-1483979175

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TOPICS of Part 2/2:
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The Session Initiation Protocol in detail (addressing, messages, transactions and methods, dialog, registration, redirection, protocol handling of proxies, protocol scenarios including ISDN interworking and presence service.

The Session Description Protocol (SDP), Gateway Control Protocols and supplementary services.

Security issues like risks, encryption of signalling and media streams, use of firewalls, problems of SIP behind NAT and possible solutions are covered.

Publication Date:
April 07, 2013

1483985903 / 978-1483985909

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Find a few slides of the book:


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