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Book – The OSI Model – simply explained

The OSI Model – simply explained

  WHY you should read the book:

  • You need to know basic terms of protocol architectures and protocol functions
  • You need to know basic functions and services of the 7 layers


OSI Model simply explained

OSI Model simply explained

The second edition of this (e)Book gives the answers you are searching for in a simple and clear way:

  • It describes the history and the general concept of the model as described in ISO 7498
  • It describes the basic functions, tasks, and services of each layer
  • It gives examples of existing protocols for each layer
  • It describes simple tasks of network elements like repeaters (or media converters), bridges, switches or routers within the associated layers of the model

Publication Date:
Nov 11, 2013

1493737732 / 978-1493737734

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Book Preview:


The following slides cover a few topics of the textbook:


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