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Book – IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

Book – IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses – An Introduction

  • You are planning and managing IP addresses (LAN, WAN)?
  • You are interested in IPv4 and IPv6 addressing?
  • You require knowledge about prefixes, interface identifiers, address types and their use?

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WHY you should read the book:

» The textbook gives an introduction to the Internet Protocol addresses as they are specified for IPv4 and IPv6.

» The emphases build the different address types, their application and management.

» The book supports you in your understanding of the different concepts and in your planning.



Basic Terms

The OSI Model

Numeral Systems


Ethernet Addresses

The Internet Protocols (IP)

IP Addresses
General Structure of IP Addresses
IP Address Types in General

IPv4 Addresses

Representation of IPv4 Addresses
Subnet Mask
Local Address Tables
IPv4 Address Types and their Use
IPv4 Address Ranges

IPv6 Addresses

Textual Representation of IPv6 Addresses
General Structure of IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Unicast Addresses
IPv6 Anycast Addresses
IPv6 Multicast Addresses
Required IPv6 Addresses for Nodes and Routers
Scopes and Zones of IPv6 Addresses
Special Purpose IPv6 Addresses
Reserved IPv6 Address Blocks

Management and Assignment of IP Addresses

Manual IPv6 Address Assignment
Automatic IPv6 Address Assignment
Static IPv6 Address Assignment
Dynamic IPv6 Address Assignment
Global Management and Assignment of IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Autoconfiguration


Publication Date:
January 28, 2015

1507761775 / 978-1507761779

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