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Book – Fundamentals of Local Area Networks


Book – Fundamentals of Local Area Networks

Fundamentals of LANs

Fundamentals of LANs

  • You want to understand the features and applications of Local Area Networks?
  • You want to know what cable types and characteristics are required for LANs?
  • You need to understand Media Access Control (MAC) and higher layer protocols?
  • You want to understand typical tasks of network elements like switches, routers or firewalls?
  • You want to know how to manage Local Area Networks?
  • You need an understanding of basic security concepts and security elements?

The courseware “Fundamentals of Local Area Networks” covers the topics of our vendor-independent 2-day seminar „Local Area Networks“.

WHY you should read the books:

This seminar is intended for all interested in Local Area Networks (LAN) for office and industrial environments.

I recommend to be familiar with general IT topics and some basics of datacommunication as I cover in seminar and courseware “Basics in Datacommunication”.

The courseware in book format contains the MS Powerpoint slides in notes view and additional explanations.

Use the courseware for your self-paced learning or as handout for your presentations.


TOPICS of Part 1/2:

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Short introduction to networking in general (LAN, WAN)

Features and Functions
Typical features and applications of Local Area Networks (LAN)

Cabling technology (twisted pair, cable categories or classes,
coaxial, optical fiber types )

Media Access Control
Media Access Control (MAC) procedures (CSMA/CD, Ethernet,
IEEE 802.3, CSMA/CA Wireless Local Area Network)

Higher layer protocols
Includes a brief description of TCP/IP protocols as they are used in the Internet and Local Area Networks.

Publication Date:
April 04, 2014

1497552583 / 978-1497552586

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TOPICS of Part 2/2:

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Network Elements
Network Interface Cards – Hubs, Repeaters – Switches – Routers – Gateways – Servers -Network Management
Systems – WLAN Adapters – WLAN Access Points – WLAN Controllers – WLAN Antennas – WLAN Cabling

Network Management
Typical Tasks – Fault Management – Configuration Management – Performance Management – Security Management – Management Protocol Simple Network Management Protocol, SNMP

Networking Security
Why Security? Threats – Access Control – Perimeter Protection – Proxies – Firewalls – Intrusion Detection Systems

Publication Date:
April 04, 2014

1497552621 / 978-1497552623

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Find a few slides of the books (Part 1/2:

Find a few slides of the books (Part 2/2:


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