Ranked as Top 50 Influencer Unified Communications in 2019

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My Twitter account @RonaldSchlager ranked on #27 in the newest list „Unified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed” of Mio.

Among accounts of well-known journalists, CEOs and marketing managers of the largest publishers, manufacturers and consulting companies, you can also find my account.

Mio: The Listing

Mio lists 50 names of influencers with a brief description of the topics they are tweeting about. For a simple connection, a clickable link is added to each person’s Twitter account.

Mio ranked me # 27 and wrote (quote):

Ronald is an Independent Telecoms Professional with over 35 years in the industry. Based in Austria, Ronald tweets in multiple languages
about cloud communications, collaboration trends and networking.

Source: Unified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed

How did it happen?

In 2016 another organization ranked me #23 of their Top 100 List of Influencers and Brands in Unified Communications.


This helped me to increase my name recognition. New, espacially international connections with other influencers and Twitter users led to the idea of writing a Buyer’s Guide about unified communications solutions. The first version in English was released in November 2017, the German version in February 2018.

Writing itself and many contacts with colleagues and customers from the industry helped me a lot to find the right topics.

Thanks to my marketing effort in social networks and my supporters
and clients, the English version of the book was placed several times on 1st
place in its category of foreign-language books on Amazon.de.

I’ve been following my marketing strategy for about 5 years and will continue to pursue it.

The goal is to help people who work in the same professional field as me. Itry to tweet regularly. Hashtags help to find the posts easily. My followersreceive a mix of information about my books, blogs or seminar topics andinformation from manufacturers, providers, system integrators, or other data.

Many of the short messages also appear on Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Thematically, the news is focused on multimedia communication. This topic is very complex and covers many areas. These include, above all, application areas in a wide variety of industries, process optimization, integration of solutions and mobile users as well as security. I help my clients to understand, select and use complex solutions..

What’s next?

I will expand my personal networks on Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn.


The ranking of my Twitter account @RonaldSchlager to Mio’s Top 50 Influencer list enables me to make new connections. The placement helps me to be more visible and increases the chance of new business relationships in many areas.


About Mio

Mio enables seamless communication between Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex Teams. Founded in 2016, the company is based in Austin, Texas.


Ranked #27 in Mio’s list „Unified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed“.


About the Author:

Ronald Schlager is independent trainer, consultant, book author and blogger covering topics of communications technologies and their applications.


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Image source: pixabay.com, artist Mizter_x94