“Selecting Video Conferencing Solutions” – New Book Launched

Selecting Video Conferencing Solutions

The newly published book “Selecting Video Conferencing Solutions” helps you to define requirements and select modern video conferencing solutions for your company.

The book describes the use of conferencing solutions and differences between cloud and on-premise solutions. Important topics such as the maximum number of simultaneous users, but also prerequisites of the data network to exchange high-quality videos are described.

The selection of suitable coding and compression techniques is addressed. Read in the book what advantages the use of browser technology (WebRTC) offers for video conferencing. You should also take into account user-friendliness, security aspects and costs or tariff models.

A list of examples of manufacturers and service providers completes the topic.

A checklist summarizes important points of the selection criteria.

The following content is available:

1. Preface
1.1. About the book
1.2. Copyright
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Author
1.5. Image source (title page)
1.6. Publisher

2. Table of Content

3. Introduction
3.1. Optimization of Business Processes
3.2. Online Meetings
3.3. Online Seminars
3.4. Intercom
3.5. Collaboration of Teams
3.6. Integration of Social Networks
3.7. Software Interfaces („Connectors“)

4. Basic Questions
4.1. Types of Video Conferencing Solutions
4.1.1. Integrated into Business Phone System
4.1.2. Dedicated Room System
4.1.3. Desktop Video Systems
4.1.4. Browser-based Solutions (WebRTC)
4.1.5. Cloud Service or On-Premises Solution?
4.2. Integration of Mobile Devices
4.3. Maximum Number of Participants
4.4. Video Quality, Video Resolution
4.5. Monitor Technology
4.6. Being Future-Proof, Open
4.7. Requirements in Data Networks

5. In-depth Technical Selection Criteria
5.1. Coding Technology
5.2. WebRTC Support in Browser
5.3. User Management
5.4. Usability
5.5. Session Control
5.6. ISDN Gateways
5.7. SIP Trunks

6. Security and Recording
6.1. Security
6.2. Recording of Sessions

7. Management of the Solution
7.1. Video System Management
7.2. Integration in Network Management

8. Cost

9. Vendors and Cloud Service Providers

10. Checklist

11. Appendix
11.1. Abbreviations
11.2. About the Author


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About the Author

Ronald Schlager is an independent trainer, consultant, book author and blogger focused on communications technologies and their applications. Ranked #23 of Onalytica´s List of Top 100 Influencers of “Unified Communications” (2016)

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