What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’?

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What is ‘Mobile Expense Management’?

In general, Mobile Expense Management is one piece of a puzzle of a complex solution called Enterprise Mobility Management. These solutions additionally consist of elements to manage devices, apps, data, security, users and content. Telecom Expense Management solutions supplement Mobile Expense Management and may be integrated into the same system.

Mobile Expense Management solutions in general generate reports, list different expense types like fees for specific mobile radio service contracts

Elements of Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Mobile Device Management is used to manage mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Although many other tasks are also covered, the focus is on the management of the physical device, often from commissioning to recycling after decommissioning.

Mobile App Management is mainly used for installation, operation and uninstalling apps from public or private app stores.

Mobile Data Management is used to manage user and configuration data (of the company, but also private data such as photos, videos, emails, calendar data.). This includes creating, storing, retrieving, displaying, changing, as well as backing up the data on backup media or server.

Mobile Security Management is used for managing security features of the device, such as encryption, authentication and authorization of users and apps as well as blocking of malware or hacker attacks.

Mobile User Management is used for user management (of one or more users) with all rights and functions that are allowed on the basis of defined roles.

Mobile Content Management is primarily concerned with the preparation of content for display and processing on mobile devices (with different use cases, capabilities, screen sizes, technical equipment and the like.

Mobile Expense Management solutions generate reports that provide users at a glance information about the costs incurred per SIM card.

General Tasks of Telecom and Mobile Expense Management Solutions

As I stated above, Mobile Expense Management solutions generate reports that provide users at a glance information about the costs incurred per SIM card. They list various charges incurred and paid by the company. These are dependent on different factors.

Telecom Expense Management solutions analyze the cost of fixed line telephony services. Depending on what information is delivered to the public switched telephony network by the caller (extension of the classic landline, possibly SIP address with Voice over IP), the analysis can be done down to the user level. Ask the supplier of your telecom expense management solution of reporting features carried out for Voice over IP. (explanation: Voice over IP is conceptually user-oriented, and more independent of devices or SIM cards).


Based of the information provided in reports the manager can inform his staff on the costs incurred. However, the reports also indicate where certain cost limits are exceeded, or it is necessary to search for savings.

Selection of the appropriate tariff packages is especially interesting mainly when traveling abroad. It is precisely there where high charges per minute and high data rates (for mobile access to the Internet) are the rule. Employees must be informed to check their contracts of their mobile device before starting their business trips in order to save unnecessary costs.

This applies not only for travel. Check your current conditions periodically. Many providers change these more frequently than often is assumed. Moreover, you should note new market offerings.

Traffic Data Analysis

But not only the contract conditions change, but also user behavior. Therefore you should analyze traffic data as well. These are the number and duration of connections, the call destinations, amount of data sent, sent SMS and MMS messages and the accrued expenses. These data are important in contract negotiations and the selection of the (optimally dimensioned) contracts with your provider (oversizing for a large number of users ultimately means long term far higher costs than necessary).

Again, things are changing, and a short time after the conclusion another contract could have better conditions for you.


Another point that is important is the comparison with other users of your size. Do you pay rates that are far higher than those of comparable user? Ask other users what they pay or search the Internet? Both are not very effective. First, maybe your partner does not know the exact numbers, secondly published price lists contain list prices, not project prices. Mobile Expense Management solutions manage the data from different customers. Benchmarking allows a neutral cost comparison with users of similar size (for example, a company with 250 – 500 SIM cards in contract).

Available Solutions

There are examples of vendors offering Expense Management solutions for fixed line or mobile services:

Anatoleasentinel, Avotus, Calero, Cimpl, Ezwim, IBM, Mobilreport, Mobilesense, SOTITangoe, Telesoft


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