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Content marketing is worth it! Onalytica published its latest list of Top 100 Influencers and Brands for “Unified Communications”. MyTwitter account @RonaldSchlager was taken in this list. As a result, I will briefly describe how it came about…

Onalytica: The Top 100 List

The ranking consists of two parts: the first part lists the top influencers, the second part lists the top brands. There are shown the first 50 names and directly accessible via the website. Download the list directly from here: “Unified Communications: Top 100 Influencers and Brands”.

Onalytica ranked me at #23.

According to Onalytica the selection and ranking are based on number and quality of content-relevant reference, the number of tweets about the topic, their reach, and reference.

How did it happen?

I think the placement is a result of my efforts at using social media to build my reputation as an international trainer, author, and blogger.

My goal is to offer high quality blogs, seminars, courseware and textbooks of schlager communications services GmbH to my customers (enterprises, system vendors, system integrators and network operators).

Changes in the marketing of services (conventional: personal contacts, phone, email, catalogs, and folders) led me to learn more about online marketing and especially content marketing. Personal contacts, customer surveys, attending events and reading books, blogs and newsletters helped me to build my knowledge. I developed my personal marketing strategy about one and a half years ago (identifying topics of blogs and tweets, link lists, tweet times and much more).

I communicate via social networks with customers and prospects. I help you, my customers and prospects, to understand and select communications technologies, solutions, and services. All our services are independent of vendors, solutions or providers. We offer seminars for engineers and specialists but also for non-techies. Our participants are decision-makers, sales and sales support managers and system specialists. They provide knowledge across systems and increase acceptance of solutions. Customer contact is handled in the traditional way.

Worldwide sales of textbooks and courseware, however, must be done otherwise. Writing and publishing a book is only the beginning. Marketing is the more complex part (even if the author underestimates the effort especially at the beginning of his work).

The deliberate use of content marketing and influencer marketing increases my visibility to customers and prospects at the international level.

Who is Onalytica?

Onalytica provides Top 100 lists of different topics (like e.g. M2M, IoT, Digital Transformation and much more) and offers software and services for influencer marketing.

What’s Next?

Due to targeted development and expansion of my contact networks on Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook I can support more customers and broaden my marketing activities across multiple channels.

The ranking of my Twitter account @RonaldSchlager in the Top 100 list motivates me to continue my content and influencer marketing activities. Contact me if you are interested how I did.

How this ranking in the list of Top 100 Influencers “Unified Communications” is changing my business is unclear.

To improve my service I need your help. What experience have you gained? Could you please leave your comment in the comments section?

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Link to the Top 100 List

You find me ranked #23 in list of “Unified Communications:Top 100 Influencers and Brands“.

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Ronald Schlager is independent trainer, consultant, author and blogger with main emphasis on communications technologies and their applications.

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