Whose Job is Mobile Security?

This article discusses the responsibility for mobile security from an independent view.

Mobile users like you and me

We are responsible for our privately owned mobile devices. For corporate owned devices we still have some responsibility. We handle the device, use apps and corporate data at different locations. As a first step we have to take care of physical and logical security.

If your IT department offers some security guidelines read them carefully. Be aware of legal consequences for users ignoring their guidelines.

Mobile telecom service providers

Many providers offer security services to protect your device. These include SPAM filters, virus checks, firewall services, email address blacklists and much more. Use the services they offer, it is another step to increase your device´s security.

System vendors

System vendors are designers, hardware manufacturers, operating systems, app developers or app distributors.

Buy your mobile device from trustworthy sources. Add apps to personalize your device. Check for reliable developers and distributors (or app stores) of software.

Corporations and organizations, educators, trainers, IT managers

Raising security awareness is a major concern. Many security incidents result in data damage, stolen data, compromise of identity or many other problems.

Attend trainings about computer and mobile security; learn how to protect you and your devices. Remember: the weakest link in a security chain is a person.


What do you think? How do you take care of mobile security in your corporation? Tell us your thoughts and opinions. I appreciate your comments!



Book: Ronald Schlager: “Simple Security for Smartphone and Tablet”,
ISBN-10: 1494960222, ISBN-13: 978-1494960223

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