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thank you for visiting my blog. You certainly want to know what to expect.

Now, the idea arose during discussions with clients about their requirements and concerns. My research in my social networks (XING and LinkedIn) showed me the demand for information about future developments, technologies (in my particular case in communications technologies and services) and how all these things will impact all our lives.

The stories about different topics will be published at varying intervals. The main topics may develop over the course of time and will be added as requested.

In a discussion about social software we agreed that blogs are a very good instrument to publish ideas, experiences, insights, events or other relevant information for you.
I invite you to a dialogue about the topics covered. Register now to become a part of the community!

Allow one note to my moderated blog: not every contribution can be published immediately. I will check for relevance and objective discussion. I claim the right to modify or shift comments to other topics or to delete comments (like e.g. spams).

It is in this spirit that I am looking forward to stimulating discussions.

As an Austrian my native language is German, but the main language of the blog is English. If you want to contribute in German please use Ronald Schlager´s Blog in German.

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Ronald Schlager