Protect Your Mobile Device – Part 3

This is the third of four articles explaining logical measures every user may take to protect his mobile device.

Trusted and Untrusted Apps

Apps installed on your mobile device make it a unique system tailored to your specific needs. Download apps from well-known app stores and install apps you may trust. Be careful when you are asked to set permissions of an app to be installed.

Your corporation may define black lists you should not use or white lists of apps you should use to protect your mobile device. Ask your IT manager for an enterprise app store to obtain your trusted apps.

Software may help you to identify unreliable or untrusted apps. Use your preferred search engine and type in keywords like “security app”, “mobile security software” or “app permission”. You will get a lot of links to additional sources helping you to find the right security software.

App Stores

Download only reliable apps of well-known public app stores or your corporate (enterprise) app store. Don´t load apps of stores you never heard before. Trustable shops check their apps before they offer them. But be aware that there are millions of apps. Hackers may modify trusted software to infect vulnerable mobile devices.

Software Updates

Hackers know security flaws and vulnerabilities of firmware and operating system versions or commonly used apps. Their attacks are very sophisticated and the number of attacks increases dramatically. Update the software (firmware, operating system and apps) as soon and as often as possible!

What can you do, when your device is too old to update? Take the offer of your provider to upgrade to a new one. The caused damage is worse compared to the price of a new device.

Use only Trusted Content

QR (Quick Response) codes are easy to use. Prior you start your QR code scan check the base material carrying the QR code. How is the code applied to the base material? Was there any physical manipulation? Check if the information around the QR code is of a trusted source.

Location Based Services

If you don´t want anybody to know where you are disable the feature in the device settings. It will also save your battery power.

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