Protect Your Mobile Device – Part 1

This is the first of four articles explaining physical measures every user may take to protect his mobile device.

Protect your mobile device from physical damage

First of all, put your smartphone in a case and take care, that it will not slip away. Depending on your general use and the environmental conditions there are different cases available. Lightweight cases offer simple protection. A rugged case may protect your device even from water. For heavy weather situations or for your dive you may use an underwater case for smartphones.

A screen protector helps to keep your touch screen free of dirt and fingerprints.

Clean your smartphone in regular intervals or whenever you find any spots or fingerprints (contain corrosive acid). Best use a microfiber cloth and no or only very little water on the cloth. Never use other liquids at all. The case is not water resistant or resistant to other chemicals (they may disperse or corrode polycarbonate).

Lost or stolen mobile devices

Never leave your device alone. Keep an eye on it. If your device gets lost or it was stolen inform your provider and lock your SIM card.

Try to block your device from remote. Maybe your vendor or the manufacturer of your smartphone or tablet computer offers services to locate a device, display the actual location and the movement history of the last hours in a map, block access and even wipe data from remote. You may call your device and it starts ringing with the highest possible volume regardless of your phone´s settings.

If your device is managed by the IT department of your company (using a mobile device management solution) explain them your situation immediately and they may start the appropriate action. If you are responsible for your device install an app that helps to delete data from remote, block certain device functions, send mails containing location information and much more. Use your preferred search engine and type in keywords like “remote wipe”, “remote lock”, “remotely remove app” and you will get a list of links to interesting sources for more information and software.

Protect the battery of your mobile device

Handle it carefully, Start charging it when 20 – 40% of load level is still available.

Temperature, sunlight

Keep temperature low. Keep your device in shade. Never expose it to sunlight for a longer period of time.


Normal air humidity is no problem for your mobile device. If your mobile device got really wet, switch it off and place it in a box with salt (no direct contact!) or rice. Close the box and wait. These materials absorb humidity and dry your device. Wait a day or two before switching it on again.


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Book: Ronald Schlager: “Simple Security for Smartphone and Tablet”,

ISBN-10: 1494960222, ISBN-13: 978-1494960223

Additional articles describing how to protect your mobile device will follow.

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