Mobile Working and Mobile Living

Mobile Working

This article describes the advantages of mobile working and living and what can be mobilized.

Advantages of Mobile Working and Mobile Living

Why all this hype about mobile working and mobile living? Well, it´s not a hype anymore, it´s a trend to mobile devices for private and corporate use. The requirements are manifold, here are a few examples:

  •  Enterprises require flexible workspaces for employees working in the office but also for mobile workers, visiting their office only for a short time.
  •  Mobile workers request to work at home or during their trip when they are outside.
  •  Mobile workers are motivated to work from everywhere (this sounds really good as long as you have the freedom to decide what job has to be done where and how).
  •  There are several tasks that can be mobilized, for example telephony, email conversation, system management, project management, sales or many others.

The Yankee Group identified different advantages of mobile working, for example increased field selling time, elimination of redundant activities or reduced sales calls costs to name just a few. See resources at the bottom of the article.

What can be mobilized?

There are many things that you may mobilize:


Mobility of devices increases, laptops, notebooks and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) were the first mobile devices, nowadays smartphones and tablets are modern mobile devices.


New applications are under development or are already offered running in different operating system environments like Apple iOS, Google Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows or other platforms.


Data may be kept in the central computer system and the mobile phone provides the user interface for the application running in the central computer system.

Data may be directly loaded from central computers into the mobile phone for internal processing.


Additional articles will cover risks and pitfalls of insecure mobile devices and how to protect your smartphones and tablets.



Book: Ronald Schlager: “Simple Security for Smartphone and Tablet

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