Future of Mobile Working and Living

This article covers a few, but very interesting trends regarding the future of work and mobile working.

Mobile Trends

  • Mobile working is the new normal (work wherever you are, at any time, with anybody, be more productive).
  • We have to perform our work collaborative with colleagues, customers or external partners, response earlier than we would without mobile devices
  • Email is the most commonly used communication method, followed by smartphone.
  • Mobile tools reduce operational costs
  • Motivation increases for users of smartphones compared to users of desktop personal computers (they use their systems around the clock both for their organization and private)

Future Jobs

A year ago I read a very interesting book about the future of work. The author is Mrs Lynda Gratton. The English name of the book is “The Shift: how the Future of Work is Already Here”. She explains how mobilization and new computer and communication technologies may influence all our lives and work.

There are other books and web pages dealing with a four hour work week (4HWW). They all play with our dreams of independence, freedom of choices and to live anywhere. The most important one comes from Timothy Ferriss (see http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/). They all have similar ideas. One of the most important ones is to increase mobility by using mobile technologies and doing what you like from anywhere.

I conclude that we have powerful (mobile) technologies we can use to shape our own future. It is our decision how we use these technologies. We are responsible for the security of our mobile systems, apps and data we use every day and we have to learn how to minimize risks and avoid pitfalls. Otherwise we risk our way of mobile living.



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