Kickstarter Project “Unified Communications – Buyer´s Guide” now live!

Kickstarter Book UC Buyers Guide

I am happy to present to you my new Kickstarter Project ‘Book “Unified Communications – Buyer´s Guide”‘. It has started today and will be finished on 8th of October 2017. The book describes strategies and selection criteria of Unified Communications solutions for corporate customers.

Choosing the right Unified Communications solution for enterprises is a particular challenge. Think about the diverse communication tools, the complex technology, and the acceptance of the users. Ultimately, the company’s economic success is affected.

I go a new way for financing the project via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a financing platform for creative projects.

You can find the project description here:

The book project is internationally oriented and offers you the chance of a project participation. Depending on the amount you donated, you may choose your desired reward.

Examples of rewards are attribution in the book and on the website of schlager communications services GmbH, eBooks and print-on-demand books, publication of your company profiles or participation in seminars.

The book is completely neutral and independent. It helps decision-makers in the selection of solution strategies, the definition of their requirements and the selection criteria for a solution. This reduces project risk. The selection can be made objectively and the users are delighted by the new services and functions.

The book is created after successful completion of the Kickstarter project and published via Createspace. Both the print-on-demand book and the Kindle eBook version will be available worldwide.

Find more information and to back the project follow the link:

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